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so basically Fringe is the BEST SHOW EVER. it's done by all the people who do Lost, but it is MUCH LESS CONFUSING. dude. THEY HAD LEONARD NIMOY ON THE SEASON FINALE, SO FUCKIN BADASS.

*bounces and jumps and squeals for joy*

holy shit, guys, if you haven't watched it yet, go watch the whole first season, it is the coolest thing EVER.

AND IT HAS A FEMALE LEAD WHO IS NOT DITZY, UNREALISTICALLY ATTRACTIVE, ETC!! her name is olivia and she is pretty but not porn-star-sexy like some tv women, and she's intelligent and witty and OMG GIRLCRUSH. plus it has the guy who was Denethor playing a crazy old scientist dude who is, quite literally, the quintessential mad scientist. \o/

in other news, yay for home! yay for grocery shopping! yay in general!!

and tomorrow i get MOAR nimoy: i'm seeing the new Star Trek, in which he apparently has a rather large role!! :D

♥ &fringe; ♥