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i want a ball-joint doll, and i will name her Adara and she will be gorgeous and photogenic and realistic and awesome. she will be the dark princess of the forest, and i will love her forever.

ugh new obsession, wtf.
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so basically Fringe is the BEST SHOW EVER. it's done by all the people who do Lost, but it is MUCH LESS CONFUSING. dude. THEY HAD LEONARD NIMOY ON THE SEASON FINALE, SO FUCKIN BADASS.

*bounces and jumps and squeals for joy*

holy shit, guys, if you haven't watched it yet, go watch the whole first season, it is the coolest thing EVER.

AND IT HAS A FEMALE LEAD WHO IS NOT DITZY, UNREALISTICALLY ATTRACTIVE, ETC!! her name is olivia and she is pretty but not porn-star-sexy like some tv women, and she's intelligent and witty and OMG GIRLCRUSH. plus it has the guy who was Denethor playing a crazy old scientist dude who is, quite literally, the quintessential mad scientist. \o/

in other news, yay for home! yay for grocery shopping! yay in general!!

and tomorrow i get MOAR nimoy: i'm seeing the new Star Trek, in which he apparently has a rather large role!! :D

♥ &fringe; ♥

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i'm home!

lola is lonely, and i miss my boything, but it's good to be back. internets, you have no idea what you are in for this summer. maybe i'll get back into writing fic, maybe i'll draw, maybe maybe maybe. ;)

but now i have to drive to the mall because i lost my cell phone charger and my phone is now dead. poop. $20 for a stupid cord, what the fucking fuck! i hate the economy.
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i have a cold, and i'm pulling an all-nighter to write two essays. i'm starting to lose patience, and sanity.

and then i discover...

my headphones are broken. the awesome behind-the-ear buds, that i love with all my heart, are broken. this is the third pair i've worn out. fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

so now i am in the library, dead from tiredness, and i have no music. I WAS GOING TO LISTEN TO FLYLEAF. ughhhh.

and once these two essays are done, i have two more to write by about 5pm on thursday, maybe earlier.



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i am so so sorry i forgot to call- i have two essays due tomorrow- but i thought of you so much today.
one more year till you're legal~
wish i could nomm you in person, but this and the phone will have to do: OMNOMNOM YOU'RE THE BEST!! i'll call you tomorrow after class, promise. cDf
xoxo, babe. ♥

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last night i dreamt that i seduced brendon urie at a panic concert where there were like 20 people in the audience. we didn't actually have sex, though, because i felt guilty and woke up. he gave me his phone number and i took him to five & diner for hamburgers. it was weird, because i could've sworn i was more attracted to ross than brendon. but whatever, they're all sexy, it was fun until i woke up and felt bad because i almost committed dream-adultery or something. chris is adorable when he's sleeping. he's cuter than brendon anyway. and already mine.

wow, how long has it been since my last update? damn you, college, you are a time-suck.

i have not read fic since august. what the fuck. i am completely out of the bandom loop. anything fun happen while i was gone? (besides bbwentz, obvs.)
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bet you thought you'd seen the last of me, eh? WELL YOU'RE WRONG!! :D

thinking of diving back into lj sometime... but i'm scared of all the catching up that requires.

things are going well, and i have so many happy things i could ramble about, but i'm just going to pick one, and it's totally completely tmi, so you have been warned.

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and so i bid thee farewell, i am off to shower and junk. \o/

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Well, here we are. I'm stealing chris's iPod touch to write this. He never even uses it, which is really a shame.

Missing people. Missing fic. Missing the world.

Badum badum, you'll always be my baby...
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